Blocked Drains


Blocked Drains

Do you have damaged, blocked or collapsed pipes? We count on sinks and drains in our homes to properly perform for our personal hygiene and general cleanliness. Your family flushes thousands of litres of water along with waste, toilet paper and grease down the drain each day. Its only when they are out of order that you realise just how much you need them.

Causes of Blocked Drains

The most common things that cause blocked drains are food scraps, tree roots, sanitary products, food products, oils and hair. Whether you have blocked storm water drains or blocked sewer lines such as a blocked toilet, basin, bath shower, kitchen sink or laundry tub our specialised equipment can handle anything.

The latest plumbing technology

The time and human resources required to locate the issue is far less with the help of a drain inspection camera. This translates to it being a less costly exercise for you.

Gone are the days of having to dig up you entire backyard in order to locate the blockage. Our licensed plumbers offer affordable solutions to your plumbing problems. Our team are equipped with the highest quality machines and technology in order to cause minimum disruption to your home and day-to-day lives.

blocked toilets & drains

How our equipment works to locate the cause of a blockage:

Step 1:

First we insert a small CCTV camera into your sewer or storm water line. The CCTV camera combined with a locating device are used together to provide our plumbers at the service a visual of the inside of your pipes. It also allows us to see in real time what has caused the blockage and exactly where the blockage is underground.

blocked drains step 1

Step 2:

After our plumbers have investigated the condition of the pipes and have confirmed the location of the blockage we safely clear the pipes with our high pressure water drain cleaner otherwise known as a jett blaster. Majority of the time, no further steps will need to be taken. However, should the blockage prove more stubborn, we attach an electronic cutting nozzle to our machine to break down the material so it can pass.

blocked drains step 2

Step 3:

If the plumbing problem is more serious for example, tree roots have not only blocked your drain however caused damaged to the pipes in the process, we will provide you with the most cost-effective option to either repair or replace the pipes. Our reliable plumbers will also provide you with advice and preventative measures to make sure that the blockage doesn’t happen again.

blocked drains step 3


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