Gas Connections


Gas Connections

Do you miss the smell of sausages cooking on your BBQ with your family on a hot summers day? Or being cuddled up on your couch, watching your favourite movie, in front on the heater on a cold winters night? We are here to help bring these precious moments back into your home with the warmth of gas. Our highly experienced team can assist you with a new gas connection, moving a connection or replacing one. Our tradesmen are licensed with both LPG and Natural gas system and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and designs. Hunter Prestige Plumbing specialise in gas heaters and provide yearly check-ups to protect the safety of you and your family.

For enquiries about a new gas connection, moving a connection or replacing one give us a call today!

Gas Leaks

Natural gas is praised as being one of the safest and cleanest-burning fossil fuel sources. However if there is a fault with the installation or there is lack of ventilation it can cause the gas to leak and consequently this can be dangerous for your loved ones and your home.

gas leaks

How to tell if you have a gas leak:

  • Smell – If you notice a rotten egg smell.
  • Sound – A hissing sound near a gas appliance
  • Dying plants – If you notice plants are dying without an obvious cause. Or if your flowers, fruits and vegetables have changed colour this may be due to coming into contact with Natural gas. A natural gas leak blocks your plants source of oxygen.
  • Feeling unwell – The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include: tiredness, nausea and dizziness.

If you identify the above signs. Stay calm and call us immediately from a safe distance from your house. We will provide as much assistance over the phone as possible to ensure you have a temporary solution. Our highly trained tradesmen will be there to assist you as soon as possible.


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